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Partner with the Doctors of ProActiv, Dr. Rodan & Dr. Fields with their newly expanded skincare line! Be one of the first to launch this unmatched business venture as we take these award winning products into Arizona and across the country. Rodan+ Fields have developed a dermatological skincare line with proven results in such areas as sun damage reversal as well as sensitive skin & anti-aging concerns. After the world wide success with ProActiv, and now with over 100 Million people affected by sun damage every day, we are already seeing rapid growth with the first proven answer. We are searching for our top leadership team, who will in turn build a strong consultant base in Arizona, as well as across the country. We are also offering $13,000 in leadership bonuses within the first six months. Visit my website at www.primaskincare.myrnf.com to familiarize yourself with the integrity of the doctors, the product line, and our vision. Shop Online On My Personal Website; Sign Up To Become a Consultant - Choose a Business Building Kit and Consultant Replenishment Program; to quaify for the Leadership Express Bonus Program. All at www.primaskincare.myrnf.com

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Everyone wants great skin 
As the creators of ProActiv® Solution, America's #1 selling acne system, we’ve seen the difference that intelligent skincare and great skin can make in people’s lives.  And, as practicing dermatologists, we know that many other common skin concerns can benefit from a similar treatment approach.

That’s why we created Rodan + Fields Multi-Med® Therapy designed to deliver the right medicines, in the right formulations, in the right order to transform your skin. 


All formulations are not created equal
We know that topical medicines can create visible differences; even transform skin. We also know that nobody wants to coat themselves with “medicine” every day. With Multi-Med Therapy, we combine pharmaceutical ingredients with active cosmetics in aesthetically elegant vehicles for effective formulations that feel like luxury skin treatments.  


We practice what we preach
No single ingredient can effectively treat a complex skin concern. However, though skin conditions can be complex, the solutions are simple with easy-to-use systems designed to give you radiant, healthy-looking skin. And, because real results come over time with regular use, our Multi-Med Therapy regimens come packaged in 60 day quantities, so you can see results with your very first regimen.

We’re so confident that you’ll experience the same real results that we, and so many others have, that all of our products come with a 
Satisfaction Guarantee. We also offer the RF Connection to support you on your path to great skin. At the RF Connection, our trained nurses and product experts are available 24-7, and are your source for skincare questions and product advice.

With Rodan + Fields Multi-Med Therapy, great skin, and the confidence and self-esteem that come with it, are within your reach.


It's not what you see...It's what you don't see. Exposure to the sun and the environment can leave you with less-than-youthful skin. Erase the signs of premature aging, including brown spots, dullness, and sun damage. REVERSE Regimen exfoliates, lightens, brightens, and protects your skin for a more even tone and texture. Recognized on Allure Magazine’s A List


Where do you turn when your face can't take it anymore? Calm the flush-blush reaction of a hypersensitive complexion. SOOTHE Regimen purifies the skin, de-stresses redness and irritation, fortifies skin’s barrier, and relieves inflammation of your skin, while promoting an even-toned, luminous complexion.


Breakouts? Unpredictable, unreasonable, unfair! Take control with UNBLEMISH Regimen. Clear breakouts and calm your complexion to keep pimples, blackheads and red spots from making an unwelcome appearance on your face — and in your life. UNBLEMISH Regimen clears, heals, and balances skin, so you can leave heavy makeup, cover up, and spot treatments behind. Awarded best acne treatment by Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty two years in a row.


Decide today how you are going to look tomorrow. Does the never-ending pursuit of the "latest and greatest" wrinkle-fighting creams and "innovative" ingredients leave you with nothing but jars of hope filled with empty promises? Try a steady diet of intelligent skincare. ANTI-AGE Regimen refines texture, energizes skin cells, and signals the building of collagen.

Preferred Customer Program

We know once you experience the visible results of our step-by-step regimens and enhancement products you will be a loyal customer for life.

Let us reward your loyalty by becoming a Rodan + Fields Preferred Customer. This popular program offers participants: 

10% off all Rodan + Fields products
Why pay more for the products you love? As a Preferred Customer, every time you log into our website you will be able to shop at our special Preferred Customer pricing of 10% off retail.

Convenient Home Delivery with FREE Shipping 
Don’t go a day without your favorite Rodan + Fields products. When you become a Preferred Customer you get to create a replenishment order that includes all of your R+F necessities. You will receive these products every 2 months and the shipping and handling is free.  You can easily change the products in your replenishment order at any time.  

Special Preferred Customer Offers 
Membership has its benefits. As a Preferred Customer you will receive special offers and promotions that are reserved for customers just like you!

Becoming a Preferred Customer is easy. To start, you simply select your favorite Rodan + Fields products to create your replenishment order. As long as your order totals at least $80.00 at Preferred Customer pricing, you qualify for the Preferred Customer benefits and can shop at 10% off our retail prices any time. 

Why Direct Selling? 10:33 PM

From: USA Todahttp://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/retail/2009-05-13-direct-sales-jobs-recession-unemployment_N.htm 

Direct Selling is a retail channel for the distribution of goods and services. At a basic level it may be defined as marketing and selling products, direct to consumers away from a fixed retail location. Sales are typically made through party plan, one to one demonstrations, and other personal contact arrangements. A text book definition is: "The direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of products and services to consumers, usually in their homes or at their jobs."[1][2]

Industry representative, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), reports that its 59 regional member associations accounted for more than US$114 Billion in retail sales in 2007, through the activities of more than 62 million independent sales representatives.[3]

According to the WFDSA, consumers benefit from direct selling because of the convenience and service it provides, including personal demonstration and explanation of products, home delivery, and generous satisfaction guarantees.[3] In contrast to franchising, the cost for an individual to start an independent direct selling business is typically very low with little or no required inventory or other cash commitments to begin. [3]

The United States Direct Selling Association (DSA) reported that in 2000, 55% of adult Americans had at some time purchased goods or services from a direct selling representative and 20% reported that they were currently(6%) or had been in the past(14%) a direct selling representative.[4]

Most direct selling associations, including the Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland, the direct selling association of Germany, and the WFDSA and DSA require their members to abide by a code of conduct towards a fair partnership both with customers and salesmen. Most national direct selling associations are represented in the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA).

Direct Selling is distinct from Direct Marketing because it is about individual sales agents reaching and dealing directly with clients. Direct Marketing is about business organizations seeking a relationship with their customers without going through an agent/consultant or retail outlet.

By far the majority of Direct Selling companies use a multi-level compensation plan, where the agent is paid not only for their own sales but also a percentage of the sales of other representatives they introduce into the organization and help train.[5]

There are roughly 15 million direct sellers in the U.S. — independent contractors who sell goods or services primarily through parties, demonstrations in someone's home and one-on-one interactions. In 2007, the most recent year available, the sales industry generated $30.8 billion in U.S. sales, according to the Direct Selling Association.

Rodan + Fields is at the late stages of Formulation. The company is developed and the word is just beginning to get out about Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. But what makes the future exciting is the fact that these doctors were responsible for creating Proactiv® Solution and most people are familiar with them already. Their established reputation helps to sell the product and the efficacy keeps customers satified.